combination services

Combine services for a discount!  Gina's doula clients receive half-off her Childbirth Preparation Classes and complimentary access to Happiest Baby on the Block materials.

Colorado Mountain Communities, Salida and Arkansas River Valley,  Denver Metro Area

why use a doula?

There are several scientific studies that demonstrate the benefits of doula care (see below).  In addition to the calculated benefits of this service, having one-on-one emotional, physical, and practical support during your birth will make a difference in your experience.  As a doula, I get to know you personally.  We talk about your expectations, fears, longings, history and hopes.  We develop a trust that extends deep into our working relationship.  Women can freely open their hearts and bodies knowing that I will help them create a an emotionally safe birthing space.  Partners are free to love this birthing women knowing that I will support them as they together create the memory of welcoming their child.


Clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth results  in shorter labors with fewer complications,  increases positive feelings about one’s childbirth experience, reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps/vacuum extraction and cesareans, and reduces the mother’s request for pain medication. (Though I happily support women who want them!)





Birth Doulas, Childbirth Education, VBAC support, Placenta Encapsulation
Evergreen, Conifer, Golden,  Littleton, Salida, Howard, and Denver Metro Areas of Colorado

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Birth Doula Services by gina

Please note that I am taking very limited doula clients at this time.  if I am not able to offer you my services, I would be very happy to help you find someone who can. 

I believe that the way we are born matters.  When a baby is born in a loving, supported and calm manner, it truly makes a positive difference for the child, the birthing mother and the entire family.  Every mother has her own unique vision of what she wants for her birth.  I am there to honor and help you create that experience.


Many Dads and Partners want to be active in the support of the birthing mother - I am there to make that happen.  I offer suggestions, guidance and opportunities for rest to anyone supporting the mother during birth.  Some Dads and Partners are not able to actively participate in the birth process.  I am there to offer the necessary support in all family situations. 


I work either individually with a back-up, or as part of a team.  Read more about my team approach here.

Birth Doula services include:

  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • 2-3  in person prenatal meetings to help you and your family prepare for birth and the postpartum transition.  
  • Education and resources as you request them
  • Access to materials in the lending library 
  • Labor support in your home before moving to the place of birth as applicable and desired.
  • Continuous support during your labor and for several hours postpartum
  • Assistance with initial breastfeeding 
  • Birth photography as desired
  • Written story of your birth
  • Postnatal visit in your home to review your birth and be sure you have all you need to make a smooth transition to life with your new baby or babies
  • Assistance with insurance reimbursement after your birth as desired 
  • Sibling doula services and support are available for an additional fee

Fee for services: $1,150.00

I believe that everyone who would like my services as a birth doula or for classes should have them! I'm happy to barter or trade for my services. I'm open to bartering for my whole fee minus  $200 for birth doula services, or up to 50% of the cost of a class.  I'm very open to hearing what you have to offer in kind! Here is a partial list of services or items I am open to:  Massage and spa services, Painting services, Natural foods, Airline tickets, Time at your vacation home or time share, Gift cards to places like Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, Target, Amazon, etc.