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  Childbirth Preparation, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding Classes
We are pleased to offer these specialized classes for the valued patients of Red Rocks OB/GYN.

Class Schedule

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Virtual Childbirth Preparation, Newborn Care, and self-guided Breastfeeding class series with hybrid option (in-person meeting)

Small class sizes for a more personalized experience

Hybrid Virtual/In-Person Series Tuesday evenings:  September 27 - October 25, 2022.  6:00 - 8:30 pm

Hybrid class fee:  $175.00.  Class fee includes all class materials, live virtual childbirth preparation and newborn care and soothing classes (4 total sessions), one in-person meeting (date to be determined in class), and a self-guided breastfeeding class.  Lots of support and resources before and after class!

Class Descriptions

Childbirth Preparation
Every family situation is unique and every birthing mother comes to the experience of childbirth in her own way with her own set of beliefs and goals.  Honoring birth as the intimate and profound experience that it is, our classes explore the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of birthing families.

Whether you desire a natural birth, want to use an epidural, or are choosing to birth by scheduled cesarean, our classes are designed to enhance the well-being of expectant families through education and support of individualized decision making.   
In our three-class series we will cover:
Physiology of pregnancy and birth
Stages and phases of labor
Optimal fetal positioning for a smooth birth
Creating a birth mindset
Medications available in birth
Wise use of epidurals
Understanding cesarean
Tools for achieving a natural birth
Relaxation techniques
Movement, massage, breath work
Developing your birth vision
Communication with care providers
Postpartum adjustment - making the transition to parenthood
Your questions 
Newborn Care and Soothing 
The choices you make as you care for your baby are so important.  Recognizing that each family is unique, these classes honor all parenting styles and are designed to get you started on your best possible parenting path. 

The topics covered in this comprehensive one-session class include:
Standard newborn procedures in the hospital
Normal newborn appearance
Umbilical Cord Care
Circumcision considerations and care
Bath time tips and practice
Feeding your baby and how to know that your baby is getting enough
Soothing your baby - Happiest Baby on the Block techniques
Choosing a pediatrician for your baby
Is my baby sick? When to call the doctor.
Baby sleep - what to expect and creating a safe sleep space
Reducing the risk of SIDS
Community resources and on going support

Self-guided Breastfeeding class
This self directed class can be completed at your own pace and includes instructive video clips, animations, and many resources for successful breastfeeding.  Discounts for consultations with a Certified Lactation Consultant who can help you address concerns and answer your questions.   
Topics covered in this self-paced class
How your body makes milk
Mother and baby positioning
Latching on
Effective feeding techniques
When to feed your baby
Newborn feeding cues
Sleepy eaters
Night feeding
Signs of getting enough milk
Feeding and diaper patterns
Breast care
Breastfeeding lifestyle
Special situations

Do you have questions?  Please contact Gina by following this link or by calling 720-282-1428

I believe that everyone who would like my services as a doula or for classes should have them. I'm happy to barter or trade for my services.  I'm open to bartering for my whole fee less $200 for birth doula services, or up to 50% of the cost of a postpartum package or class.  I'm very open to hearing what you have to offer in kind! Here is a partial list of services or items I am open to:  massage and spa services, painting services, natural foods, airline tickets, time at your vacation home or time share, gift cards to places like Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, Target, Amazon, etc.

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